Sunday, 22 March 2015

It feels like there isn't enough oxygen in the world

I'm about to just keel over.

Somebody remind me why I'm doing this again.

Monday, 23 February 2015

starting over

i don't remember what brought me back to Hwey's blog but i know that she should continue writing. shes's such a great writer; witty and rather profound.

i also managed to revisit a few other friends' blogs but found them to be locked up and required permission to read them. i guess that's because we've entered corporate life and the personal brand is so much more relevant now.


it's been so long since i really wrote anything of essence. the many posts before this were just a means to an end until i got so busy i couldn't complete the tasks in a timely manner. the paid posts did provide a decent source of side income. i miss it now. hah.

i don't plan to deactivate my blog or keep it hidden (i hope i'm making the right decision). it's such a big part of me while growing up. i wrote a tonne of crap here. when i revisit my older posts, i cringe and slap myself on the forehead. sometimes i crack up and say to myself, ohmaigawd, i'm quite funny ah.. 

i can also tell how much i've changed from that hormonal 16, 17 year old to the 26-year old i am today -- still as detailed, but a little more wiser and calmer.

i should probably continue this blog thing. good place to record my life story, no?

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Kopi. Coffee. Co-heee

Several months back, B & I picked up the coffee culture here since so many coffee shops / coffee bars have mushroomed in KL/PJ.

I suppose it started when B constantly got his daily coffee at Starbucks.

These places are expensive but somehow I don't mind spending that kind of money on refillable tea, a nice environment, and delicious cakes. *cha-ching*

We have a handful of favourites: Whisk Outpost, One U (For him: The cold brew; for me: the toasted bagel), Rekindle, SS2 (For him: Coffee lah; for me: Red Velvet cake), Starbucks (For him: Coffee, in general; for me: Green Tea Latte).

Shoulda went for that barista class when we had the chance to lahh aiya..

Monday, 23 December 2013

Korean Level 1. Complete.

I finished my last Korean class. Already. So the fast.

Now I'd like to sign up for Level 2, but where..?!

KLH has been okay. The instructor is native Korean and goes through the syllabus well. But she appears unapproachable and her teaching style reminds me of our local schools. On the contrary, I've heard from a fellow classmate that has a friend learning Korean at Ringo, that the style of teaching there is different. Their instructor, also a native Korean, but has been living in Malaysia for years now, encourages everyone to speak in class. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Very different than KLH!

Anyway, that's what I heard. I just need to get in touch with Ringo to find out more. And collect my Level 1 certificate from KLH.. only on Wednesdays.