Monday, 23 February 2015

starting over

i don't remember what brought me back to Hwey's blog but i know that she should continue writing. shes's such a great writer; witty and rather profound.

i also managed to revisit a few other friends' blogs but found them to be locked up and required permission to read them. i guess that's because we've entered corporate life and the personal brand is so much more relevant now.


it's been so long since i really wrote anything of essence. the many posts before this were just a means to an end until i got so busy i couldn't complete the tasks in a timely manner. the paid posts did provide a decent source of side income. i miss it now. hah.

i don't plan to deactivate my blog or keep it hidden (i hope i'm making the right decision). it's such a big part of me while growing up. i wrote a tonne of crap here. when i revisit my older posts, i cringe and slap myself on the forehead. sometimes i crack up and say to myself, ohmaigawd, i'm quite funny ah.. 

i can also tell how much i've changed from that hormonal 16, 17 year old to the 26-year old i am today -- still as detailed, but a little more wiser and calmer.

i should probably continue this blog thing. good place to record my life story, no?


cheahwey said...

i was just thinking about writing again... golly, this espn thing is pretty neat.

Unknown said...

Eon-ni (not really)! Finally a new post.. you have a duty to your people! haha.I still check from time to time. Hwey does once a year.. worst bloggers ever you two