Sunday, 29 December 2013

Kopi. Coffee. Co-heee

Several months back, B & I picked up the coffee culture here since so many coffee shops / coffee bars have mushroomed in KL/PJ.

I suppose it started when B constantly got his daily coffee at Starbucks.

These places are expensive but somehow I don't mind spending that kind of money on refillable tea, a nice environment, and delicious cakes. *cha-ching*

We have a handful of favourites: Whisk Outpost, One U (For him: The cold brew; for me: the toasted bagel), Rekindle, SS2 (For him: Coffee lah; for me: Red Velvet cake), Starbucks (For him: Coffee, in general; for me: Green Tea Latte).

Shoulda went for that barista class when we had the chance to lahh aiya..

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