Monday, 16 April 2007

Care to join me for a concert by Good Charlotte?


I won Good Charlotte tickets for this Saturday.

Who wants to go?

Currently, I've got one left. Hwey, Jeat Yieng and I are taking one each.

But I'm still waiting for GuoZee's reply. So, tentatively the ticket belongs to GZ.

So if he says YES, you guys can't go.

But I'm still taking names just in case he says NO.

Like a waiting list.


Leave a comment if you have questions and if you want it.

Your name and email. Thank you.

Everyone get back to me by this... Thursday.

Thursday, as in 12:00am, Thursday.

Just to make it a little clearer.

It means you have till this coming Wednesday, 11.59pm to submit your... Number. Entry. Appeal. Something.

Consult your parents, arrange your transport and bring a raincoat.

It's a rain or shine event.

Details: 21 April Saturday, 8pm, National Stadium Bukit Jalil (Carpark A)


† Jess † said...

Eh? So nice? I wanna go~ dunno if my brother wanna give me his ticket or not D: he said he wanna take his leng lui go so I no change D:

So if the fella not going, I take first dibs, kay? ^^

And erm...12.00AM ah? Meaning midnight is it?

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

alright. #1 Jess. Check.

As in the first stroke la. How to put it? I'm kinda confused now.

That means you have until Wednesday, 11.59pm la..

Your email, please.

† Jess † said...

Lol I thought so, I was kinda confused cause most people are confused with 12AM and 12PM :P

And my email ish =>


† Jess † said...

By the way, do you know a guy named Guan Shern? o_o" Cause he knows your friends like Jeat Yieng.

Anyways, if anything you can either email me or find me at my blog "here"

Little Ray said...

Fly me back and I might consider it =p

Cathy said...

sniff..i got exam so cant go...teing..i also wanna go ler..that tic supposingly mine..haha

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Ray: Wah.. big shot sial.. heeheehee..

Cathy: I didn't know you listened to GC..

hwey said...

You don't have to listen to a band to go to their concert wert...

Imma getting excited.

I still can't believe Mr. K would decline the offer.

He's the age group. GC might be a bit more hardcore than Son of Dork and the likes, but still worth watching and experiencing the atmosphere ma.

Cathy said...

yala..who say must listen to a band only can go..aduh..feel the atmosphere ma...hehe....but neway,i still cant go..aiihzz

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Haiya, Cathy doesn't look like the type that listens to GC ma.. yew..

Cathy said...

erm...actually i really didnt even listen to any of the songs sang by GC...but then i have heard about it..heard that it was nice...

hwey said...

Did I look like the type to listen to Sammi Cheng 7 years ago?

I didn't even know Cantonese and my mandarin was half bucket.

So... and it's true... Dont judge a book by its cover.

Sounds like what you'd read in a 10 year old's essay on proverbs.

:: cream dream :: said...

Sounds like a very good offer. OOPs! look at the time! 1:09pm. darn.
If no one else is going, I'd so love to experience a rock concert as i never did! So let me know if I'm the chosen one! :D thank you kam xia.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

cream dream: you're not late darling. You know that, right?

† Jess † said...

So did the guy say yes to going? -Waits for answer?-

James2spooky said...

Deng, please record the entire concert with digivideo and upload on YouTube please XD Thank you haha